The Skin Institute Support Staff

Dr. Melody Eide Team

Corinne, LPN II

Jessica, RN

Dr. Briana Hill Team

Theresa, LPN II

Rachel, RN

Diane, RN

Dawn, RN

Dr. Jason Noble Team

Britt, RN

Briana, LPN

Jessica, LPN

Dr. Tamara Poling Team

Brianna, LPN

Cassie, RN

Jayne, LPN

Dr. Robert Sage Team

Alysia, RN

Erica, RN

Danielle, Mohs Tech

Alicia, LPN

Dr. Lycia Scott-Thornburg Team

Tamra, RN

Tiffani, RN

Valerie, RN

Wendy, RN

Dr. Gregory Wittenberg Team

Emily, LPN

Taylor, MA

Stacy, RN

Chikira, Mohs Tech

Jessica Rachetto Team

Jade, RN

Teresa, LPN

Lyndsi Slusarski Team

Molly, RN

Anna, LPN

Float Team

Jessica, LPN

Referral Staff

Kristin, Mohs Referral Specialist

Sara, Dermatology Referral Specialist

Pathology Lab Team

Keith, Histologist

Mary, Histologist

Management Team

Rhonda, Reception Team Leader

Our collaborative team provides a complete range of dermatology services including the most advanced treatment for skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. The Skin Institute is also home to two of the regions fellowship trained Mohs Micrographic surgeons.

Whether you have a specific skin condition in need of medical treatment or just simply want to improve your skin's overall appearance our team is dedicated to general skin health and well-being.

Cosmetic Treaments



We want to help you understand your best feature a little better. Our team of dermatologists specialize in helping you understand your skin and it's different unique and beautiful characteristics.