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Esthetician, Linda Erickson performs microdermabrasion.

Esthetician, Linda Erickson performs microdermabrasion.

The Skin Institute Laser Center

We offer five lasers for your medical and cosmetic needs.

Laser Hair Removal
The GentlLASE system is used to significantly reduce the amount of hair present. Several sessions are needed since the hair grows in various cycles. Consultation required. Limited treatments per package purchased.

Laser Removal of Sunspots
This simple procedure directly targets age/sun spots. The sun spots gently peel away after treatment.

Facial Peels and Microdermabrasion
These techniques are used to exfoliate and gently resurface the skin, promoting the formation of new smoother skin.

Leg Vein Treatment
Choose from traditional sclerotherapy or laser treatment removal.

Sciton Laser Treatment
This laser is used for unparalleled wrinkle reduction and improvement in skin tone and texture; treatment of sun damage, age spots and redness; skin firming to troublesome areas on the face, neck, abdomen and body; treat precisely visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, vascular lesions and discoloration of the skin; superficial skin resurfacing/micro laser peel to improve texture and appearance.

For a consultation or appointment, call us at (605) 718-5555.